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Hannah Meijer makes sculptures and installations in space but also on the wall. Her choices in materials are the most important. She chooses these materials and techniques associatively and they tell the story in her work. She attaches different meanings to these materials and techniques, giving her work a certain symbolic value. She uses personal experiences and memories for this.


Meijer often uses two components in one work that, both visually and conceptually, form a duality with each other, dealing with subjects of inclusion and domination. Topics such as hard/soft, ratio/emotion, natural/synthetic and masculine/feminine are often reflected in this. She regularly makes quasi-recognisable images in which information transfer, schemes and invented data come across as "a world with its own rules". Sometimes these information-based works are also inspired by biology or science. If it is not directly about information, issues of “usefulness” or “function” still arise; whether something works or not. She likes to build objects that seem to be functional. Another fascination comes into play here, namely the hardware store; a treasure trove of useful or not (yet) useful objects.


She approaches all these above facets from a direct or comical angle with recurring materials such as tiles, plastic, carpet and handicrafts. She hopes by looking at more of her work you will recognise the stories she wants to convey.



2017-2021 Bachelor of Fine Art, HKU, Utrecht

2016-2017 Pre Education, HKU, Utrecht


2022 This Art Fair, Amsterdam

2022 Ruimte waar het licht kan komen, Group show, Janskerk, Utrecht

2022 Common Ground Floor, Group show, Pennings Foundation, Eindhoven

2022 LIFT OFF, Group show, IMPAKT, Utrecht

2022 De Belofte, Group show, Kunstliefde, Utrecht

2022 LEF!, Group show, Mondriaanhuis, Amersfoort

2021 WOMAN, Solo show, EXbunker, Utrecht

2021 MAIDENTRIP, Solo show, DE.GROEN Fine Art Collection, Arnhem

2021 Exposure 2021 OFFLINE, Group show, HKU Pastoe Fabriek, Utrecht    

2020 It’s my turn!, Group show, Kunstuitleen, Utrecht


2021 Nominated for the HKU-AWARD


Collectie DE.GROEN, NL

Various Private Collections, NL


2022 BK Informatie, “Vanzelf?”, Column

2022 De Stad Amersfoort, “Regels kun je ook weer loslaten”, Interview text

Sideline Activities

2022 Guest speaker, HKU, Ameland Excursion

2022 Guest teacher, HKU, Seminar Critical Feedback

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